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21 August 2016

Warning about so-called “Official German Records of Prisoners in Auschwitz"

Recently I saw somebody post a link to an article about "Official German Records of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May 1940 to December 1944." Then somebody sent me the same link by email. The links were to information on the "Darkmoon" blog, which I do not trust at all (because Darkmoon has been known to rely on utterly ridiculous sources)

To determine whether the information was credible, I tried to find where the information had been originally posted, but could not. I did find the same material posted in other places, however.

Whereas the compiler is credited only as "Admin" on the Darkmoon blog, on other sites, like Heretical, the compiler is named as "Germar Rudolf." In fact the compiler is one Peter Stahl, who falsely attached Germar Rudolf's name. 

On 21 August 2016 Rudolf sent out this repudiation:

Dear all:

Please be advised that I had no part in compiling the numbers listed below. That's one of Peter Stahl's disruptive activities. See my article on him here: http://www.vho.org/GB/c/GR/StahlDouglas.html

Stahl did that list I think back in 2002 or 2003 without my knowledge or consent, and it lingers on the net. I have never seen any of these microfilms myself. I remember that Stahl told me once that he has them, and at some point he even offered them to me. But I never had my hands on them, let alone studied them (if they exist). For all I know, this could all be made up. Stahl has a history of lying, and of manipulating or outright forging documents, and the fact that he falsely claimed I had compiled these numbers is a strong indicator that this is fishy. I wouldn't touch these numbers with a ten-foot pole. gr

Stahl's apocryphal figure for the total number of Jews who died in Auschwitz is 60,421. Arthur Butz' less precise but more trustworthy estimate from 1989 is "100,000-150,000" total deaths, of which "a large number would have been Jews" (A. Butz, JHR, fall 1989). It means that Stahl's presumably fictitious figures are toward the low end of what is likely. 

When making a controversial point, be sure that you know the original source of the information that you are using, and whether that source is credible.

30 July 2016

Hillary Clinton, Candidate of Billionaire Jews

This is from Forbes of 27 May 2016. The accompanying article says that 80% of the donations to the pro-Hillary super-pac, Priorities USA Action, comes from these donors. No doubt, if she is elected, she will be overwhelmingly obligated to these Jews, and their agenda will continue to be served as it has been under the several preceding U.S. presidents. 

Haim Saban, at the top of the list, is an Israeli Jew who has said: "I'm a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel." Expect more expensive Middle-East wars if his candidate wins.

James Simons is a Jewish hedge-fund manager. With his bought politician Hillary Clinton as President, his ilk will enjoy a free hand to rape the U.S. economy.

The prominence of Jew George Soros as a donor will be reflected in the continuation of absurd indulgence for Black Lives Matter. The domestic race-war will expand and escalate.

While the top donation to the pro-Hillary super-pac is $10 million from an Israeli Jew, the top donation to the pro-Trump Great America PAC is $250,000 from a real-estate company (source). The larger donations in support of Trump come especially from the real-estate industry.

27 July 2016

A Brief Response to Dinesh D'Souza's Cheap Partisan Rhetoric

Nixon's "southern strategy" in 1968 permanently won the Segregationist vote for the Republicans.

In order to diffuse criticism of the underlying racial theme of his shows, Rush Limbaugh and his imitators have often resorted to the tactic of declaring, based on whatever flimsy premise and whatever contorted argument, that the Democrats (or Blacks) are somehow the real racists. It is doubtful that anyone born in the USA is really fooled by this, but it creates enough deniability that Limbaugh's White bourgeois audience can continue listening, confidently armed with a readymade sophistic argument that the show is "not racist."

Dinesh D'Souza, as an ignorant foreigner, takes Rush Limbaugh's and Sean Hannity's rhetoric about the Democrats being the real racists too seriously. All White people born in the United States know that this rhetoric is empty. Everybody with an ounce of sense understands that the Republican Party today is supported mainly by White people who expect the party to represent White interests, while the Democratic Party today is essentially an anti-White coalition of petulant minorities. Thus, with "The Democrats are the real racists," Dinesh D'Souza is arguing a point that, although often stated, almost every American recognizes as absurd on its face.

D'Souza works especially hard to associate the Democratic Party with the Ku Klux Klan.

Although the original Ku Klux Klan of the 1860s was limited to the South and counted the Republicans of that time as its enemies, the new Ku Klux Klan formed in 1915 with inspiration from D. W. Griffith's film Birth of a Nation spread over the whole of the United States and included many Republicans.

In 1924. the Democratic presidential nominee John W. Davis denounced the Ku Klux Klan, while the Republican incumbent Calvin Coolidge avoided saying anything on the subject. The result was that the Ku Klux Klan supported Calvin Coolidge in 1924. (They even like to claim that he was a member of the Klan, but this is not clear.)

By 1948 Southern Segregationists had become so disenchanted with the Democratic Party that they formed their own splinter-party, the States Rights Democratic Party, or Dixiecrats. The Dixiecrats made Strom Thurmond their presidential nominee.

During the 1960s Southern Segregationists like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party. Republican strategist Kevin Phillips, author of The Emerging Republican Majority, saw the opportunity and devised what became known as Nixon's southern strategy.* The realignment of Southern Segregationists with the Republican Party in the 1960s and 1970s has been a major source of Republican strength ever since.

D'Souza alleges that the Democrats were somehow pro-fascist. Despite whatever cherrypicked facts D'Souza may scrape together in support of that contention, it is entirely overshadowed by the fact that FDR worked hard to drag the USA into the war against Germany and Italy (as, for example, the Almanac Singers complained in early 1941). 

Meanwhile Republicans like Charles Lindbergh and Senator Robert Taft sanely opposed US involvement in another European war. Donald Trump, incidentally, has taken up again the slogan of those Republicans: America First.

The worst part of calling the Democrats "the real racists" is not that it is deceptive and false, but that it sacrifices White interests for the sake of winning a few partisan debating points, and teaches its audience to do the same. It keeps us inside a box, respecting the taboo that deters us from openly pursuing our racial interest. If we as White people want to have our interests effectively represented, then we must stop worrying about being called racist.

Dinesh D'Souza, as an ignorant foreigner, should stop trying to meddle in the White man's politics, and preferably go back to India.
* "Nixon has ... consistently opposed busing to achieve racial balance. He has said so publicly on many occasions...." (John Beckler, AP, 3 August 1971)

03 July 2016

The Joseph Hirt Story: Twenty Years as a Fake Auschwitz-Survivor

Joseph Hirt's fraudulent use of this image from Dachau contributed greatly to his undoing.

A retired school psychologist takes up a second career as a Holocaust survivor. Nobody seems to find it strange that he had never claimed to have been in Auschwitz before, and even the people who see that parts of his story are impossible do not question it. He is invited to speak at public schools, church-groups, and civic organizations, inflicting nightmares on his audiences and being paid for it. For twenty years he gets away with it -- but no more.

Read about it on CODOH.

05 June 2016

René Binet, Theory of Racism -- 6

Birth of a Racial Consciousness
René Binet

From Théorie du Racisme, 1950, 
Translation by M.M. & Hadding Scott, 2016

But in the end nobody can permanently oppose the laws of his own race, and all the development of the existing societies is only a long struggle of the biologically healthy forces against the anti-natural rules of capitalism. Increasingly violent struggles are joined against the global capitalist structure and against its dominance through undermen. Also, whenever at any point on the globe the healthy elements of a race triumph and oppose the capitalist stranglehold on their country, along with the racial decay that both causes and results from it, turmoil erupts in the entire capitalist world.

The capitalist world then gathers all its strength to break the emerging resistance and arms to crush it. But with each new attempt, the crisis of capitalism is more serious and capitalism's ability to break the resistance is reduced. Capitalism itself, through its economic oppression, through the barbarity of its forms, through its constant promotion of more and more racially inferior strata to power, has driven an increasing number of racially healthy elements into opposition.

These become conscious of the divide between the economic, political, and social representation of capitalism and the aspirations of their own race. The capitalist state thus gradually generates the army that will abolish it.

Less and less does the controlling stratum of the capitalist state interact with the mass of the people. Less and less does it represent the people, which is driven into opposition and into struggle for its own preservation.

Thus the effort [of the people] to improve its economic lot goes hand in hand with the struggle for political independence and for protection of the race.

Whereas the exploitation of peoples through international capitalism is only a consequence of the struggle of races, the fight of peoples for national independence and for the defense of the race leads automatically to the battle for a new social and economic order. This battle is not confined within narrow national boundaries.

Aryan man, whom the tyranny of gold has ostracized from society, undertakes the struggle for possession of the means of production that his race has created, and this struggle is only part of the overall fight that he wages for the survival of his race.

The power of gold has allowed those who possessed it to eliminate from positions of economic management the racially superior men. Through the interplay of political struggles first on the national level first, then on the international level, this process of elimination has in no way slowed. The great "imperialists" totally controlled by them, now acting globally, have proletarianized not only the domestic competitor but entire nations. Thus the rupture between the proletarianized peoples and their puppet governments, which are agents of foreign imperialisms, now becomes total.

There again, international capital in the hands of inferior races creates from the outset its own contradiction and the weapons that will defeat it. When not only social strata but entire nations are proletarianized, the oppositions between rich and poor within each proletarian people gradually diminish. The consciousness of a community of interests develops and the alliance of the nation's capitalists -- less and less numerous -- with the nation's workers, becomes a tangible reality and a vital necessity.

Only the minority of the nation's capitalists who agree to place themselves at the service of international capital can survive for a while -- for exactly as long as it will take for the inferior races to eliminate them. During this time this narrow social stratum will not only become estranged from the race and the nation, but will be its enemy.

The state in this case is not only, as we stated earlier, the organization of domination at the national level by an inferior socio-racial stratum, but also  the instrument at the international level of a group of the same kind having conquered a global power.

The state, the instrument of one race's oppression of other races, has become, additionally, that racial group's  instrument also at the international level.

Initially the controlling clique of the liberal capitalist state was therefore recruited in a single racial stratum, and the men who exercised power were recruited in this stratum. But the assertion that justified its possession of power, that all races are equal, led to a constant promotion of inferior races. The sidelining of all the superior socio-racial strata drives almost the whole of the nation into opposition, and hereafter the new elite of the opposition is recruited in all the strata of the nation that remain healthy, whatever their economic status may be.

The racial elite at this point in historical development is, however, still scattered and disorganized. It is constantly induced to fight on behalf of its enemies. Indeed, it has not entirely taken cognizance of the irreconcilable antagonism of its interests, which are those of the superior race, toward those of the clique of the controllers, who are members of inferior races.

The slender vanguard that becomes fully conscious of this fact thus represents the interests of the race. It thus becomes involved in some battles, often lacking any larger strategy, where it is at first regularly beaten. But all the struggles, even the struggles in service to that vanguard's enemies, induce ever larger masses to converge with that vanguard and to acquire improved consciousness of the historical necessities. The capitalist state thus furnishes to the race that it oppresses the elements of a cognition that serve for its emancipation.

But, when this antagonism of races will come to an end, the social decay will be total. Even the elements that ignored racial solidarity and aligned with the momentarily dominant clique will detach from it and rejoin their own race.

Moreover, the moral conditions of existence that capitalism imposed through and for its controllers are alien to increasingly broad strata of the nation.The idea of ​​the importance of possessing gold is displaced by an ever clearer sense of the essential value of labor and creative activity as the media of expression of a superior race.

The moral values ​​of the inferior socio-racial stratum that controls the capitalist state become ever more incomprehensible and unacceptable to the people, and a new morality consistent with the traditions of the race and its aspirations emerges. New relationships are established among the members of the race on the way to its emancipation. There no longer exists a shared morality between the two groups.

Finally, insofar as the subjugation of the healthiest racial strata can be maintained only through international action by the inferior strata, the battle for the emancipation of the white races is obliged in its turn to become international or at least to organize an international coordination of its activity. 

Part 7 not yet posted

24 May 2016

Semi-Revisionism Demolished

I expose the semi-revisionist position that David Irving has espoused in recent years as baseless rubbish.

More specifically, I demonstrate that David Irving tells absurd falsehoods to maintain the pretense that there were:
(1) limited gassings of Jews in the Auschwitz "bunkers";
(2) mass-murder of Jews in the Aktion Reinhardt camps;
(3) a mass-shooting of innocent Jews near Riga in 1941.

14 May 2016

René Binet, Theory of Racism -- 5

Cover-illustration, La Libre Parole, 28 October 1893

Capitalist Barbarism
René Binet

From Théorie du Racisme, 1950, 
Translation by M.M. & Hadding Scott, 2016

Individualism and the thirst for loot, which is to say the desire for profits obtained without labor, are the only motive forces of capitalist society. The ethical values ​​of capitalism are founded upon the ​instinctive values of the inferior races that created it, who govern it, and who use it as their instrument of domination. Capitalism is therefore obliged to seek throughout the world ever new markets, cheap raw materials, and a more numerous workforce at lower wages. Capitalist society's absolute contempt for human values, a contempt based on its ignorance of inherited values, traditions, and racial hierarchies to which it does not adhere, leads it to destroy the peoples' traditions to the degree that these traditions oppose its stranglehold on the land, the wealth, and the workforce of the conquered land.

Proclaiming once again its basic principles of "equality" that allow it to obtain at a low price an army of obedient workers, capitalism promoted the transplanting of populations and the mixing of races. It thus thought to obtain by mixture an ever more numerous mass of undermen without traditions, without political ties, and thereby without means of defense, who would not question the principles of domination that this society has established contrary to nature.

In the name of civilization, capitalism endeavors to develop everywhere a uniform barbarity, and in the name of equality, it prepares the leveling of all human civilization to the level of undermen.

But in this manner, capitalism induces the healthiest elements of each people in every country to see in it the gravest danger and an irreconcilable enemy. The individuals who have remained faithful to the fundamental traditions of their race not only fight capitalism as an economic and political instrument of world-domination, but discover its racial essence. Capitalism is nothing but the means for inferior races to dominate the world. It prepares the twilight of all human society and all civilization.

Capitalist society was thus able to distort a limited area of the world but, during a short period of time, it could not abolish the regular process of the struggle of races. Defectors from superior races could adopt its modes of being, and a significant portion of each race could be reduced to the state of servitude by the monstrous association of these defectors with the masters of capital. In response, however, the purest part of each people looked up and began to coalesce for its own safety and for the salvation of the race.

Capitalism itself has created the means for its own demise: individualistic and competitive, it develops the anarchy of production that brings increasingly violent crises and unleashes social struggles for bread.

It seizes ever greater hoards of wealth, wherewith it is unable to guarantee full employment, and can neither prevent economic crises nor stop them.

It subjugates ever more peoples that it uproots and causes to dwindle, whose decadence it assures, but in each of them it obliges racial elites to rise up, defending their people and striving to slaughter capitalism, its doctrine, and its causes, ultimately reestablishing a truly human scale of values.

It has created a growing number of mongrels and antisocial or unsocial elements that are less and less manageable and governable in accord with the political processes of liberalism and capitalism. Thus arises an army of undermen who will boost progress in the wrong direction by the ascent to power of an increasingly large number of them.

Finally, the reflexive cosmopolitanism that is the basis of capitalism's organization led to the formation of sprawling states tending toward global domination, which is to say toward the proletarianization of nations and of entire continents, thereby increasing the general opposition to its methods.

In all fields, the forces assemble that will bring justice out of the current chaos that is born from the rise to power of the undermen.

Finally, the races that constitute the capitalist state, unfit for the profession of arms and for all creative activity, are obliged to entrust the laboratories, the weapons, and technical means of war to men who, when they will take cognizance of their present subjugation, will redirect those instruments against the capitalist races.

In summary, labor, instead of being an honor and a social duty, the source of all income, has become  servitude for the majority of the people. It is found that these were the strata most fit for the creative activity that the inversion of economic and social values subjected to the arbitrary power of the undermen who have become masters of production through capital and the appropriation of gold.